Saturday, August 5, 2006

Cat du jour

I first caught sight of this little critter out the corner of my eye sitting in a driveway as I was on my way to a listing appointment. At first I thought it was just a crumpled plastic bag, but I had to turn around and check. She could not open her eyes or mouth due to dehydration and dried mucus. Fortunately my client was amenable to postponing our meeting and my next door neighbor stopped to give me a blanket she had in the car. The kitten weighed only a pound, but the vet said that it was more than 2 months old. During the next 10 days this little critter was locked in my bathroom, made a big mess, and turned out to be the most rambunctious little runt I have ever encountered. Her penchant for jumping out of the shadows at the least expected moment earned her the name "Ninja" at my house. Out of deference to the resident cat, who would not tolerate her, we sent her on to a new home where her bouncy antics earned her a new name, and apt one: Pinball. The picture is of one of her early forays out into the world beyond my bathroom.